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past week

I had a big blog but somebody clicked it off and it is gone. That is the way most of my week has gone. working very hard but just running on a tread mill.
Dave Mowery

past week

Monday, we heard from some people that seemed very interested in the house, so Laurie spent busy days Mon. and Tues. cleaning and rug doctoring the house, just to be stood up. After calling them, they told us they were closing on another house.

On Wednesday, Laurie and I went out soul wining together. We went to a couples house that have 4 children. She has a testimony, but seems to be confused and desires to be in a good church were she can grow. He has no testimony and had no interest in "religion", but by the time we left, he left me with the impression that he would come to Church on Sunday to hear Kurt Labouve. He had been trying to read the Bible, but seemed confused, so I encouraged him to read from the book of John. He was not interested in me showing him more at that time. I am praying that I will get another opportunity to befriend him more and share the glorious Gospel with him.
His wife looks so much like my sister, Maryann.

Laurie and I were able to spend a lot of Wednesday together going to doctors appointments and grocery shopping (now we are broke again, ha ha). It sure was good to have some time by ourselves; just to get caught up on conversing once and a while.

Thursday we started Bible Institute. Was a little overwhelming, but very good. I think it will be a lot better when our books come in. I was thinking that things would be so busy that we might not even be here to go to the institute, so signed up late. Glad we did!

Most of the plants are dead after Thursday's very hard frost. -JACK FROST NIPPING AT YOUR NOSE. I'm having to start the vehicle in the morning just to get the window warmed up. Thinking Malawi is looking better all the time. I probably better remember this.

Michael went to work with Merv Gilbertson for a couple of days this week. It seemed to please him to make a few bucks. I think it was good to wear him out a bit, and seemed to give him a bit of self worth.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

God is Still Good

Things have been going slow with the house sale, but it is in God's timing. We did have a family that looked at the place on Monday. They are supposed to be getting with the bank. Who is running our lives anyway? God knew that we needed to still have this place after Ben's surgery.

Ben is doing better. He is off the crutches and we are all glad (tired of the big baby that always wants up). Very hard to keep him down when he is always on the go.

Yesterday, we had an opportunity to work in the soul winning booth at the local Fair. We gave out a lot of tracts and saw a lot of old friends. One, that I haven't seen for a lot of years, was a teacher that I remember giving such a bad time to. I had just told a story about him two days before of how he used to be a North Pole City cop. On the night that we got married, I, inadvertently, was speeding and had smeared whipping cream (that somebody had used to spell "Just married" with) on the windshield. I was looking for a gas station to clean it off. He took us to the police garage and cleaned off the window and congratulated us, instead of giving me a ticket. I did have flash backs of all the things I did to him as a teacher.

We got more rain today and I heard that the firefighters are getting cut back in Nenana this weekend. What a smokey summer we have had; clean air is very nice for a change. It is a real shame to see how addicted some people are. The smoke on some days was so bad you could hardly breathe and people were still outside smoking.

Fall is coming! I saw 10 moose this morning on the way to Denali Park and it did frost last night. It was quite dark this morning at 4 am.; it is nice to see it get dark at night, again.

Please pray for my friend, Max. He had a stroke on Tuesday morning.

God is still good!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Life at the Mowery House

This website is something new to me. My friend, James Sjoblom, set this up for us and I am grateful.

It has been a very busy summer for us, trying to get the house ready for sale and everything else that goes with the short summer season in Alaska. The house has never looked so good! Just moving some of the junk out of it, that we have collected over the past 20 years, has helped . It is fun to see what God is doing and has done; He sure has a sense of humor deciding to use us.

Our piano sold yesterday and we have a whole list of people that want to buy our vehicles, but no real "bites" on the house, as of yet. It is all in God's timing. I do know that He is in control, even if I am not.

We had Bro. Nick and Darianne Serino over for supper tonight. We had a wonderful visit with them. I hope that after I have been on the mission field as long as they have, that I will have the strength, wisdom, and zeal that they have.

It sure has been a long summer without our wonderful Pastor Doug Duffett. He has sure been missed by, not just us, but the whole church assembly. We, as a family, have been so encouraged to see so many people stepping in to fill all the spots that have been left open. Things are going so well, in spite of Pastor's absence. I am sure that he will have his hands full trying to get us all back in line when he gets back. I love you, Preacher, and I am praying for you.

Benjamin is doing much better today. Friday, he had surgery to replace an ACL in his right knee. The doctor says that it will be a full year to get a full recovery. He has been getting around a lot better today. He will be on crutches for about 10 days. He is going to teen VBT this week. We appreciate all the people that have helped make him comfortable.

That is all for tonight. I need to be at work in a few hours.

God is still on the throne and He loves me so much that He gave His only Son just for me and you. God is so good!